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RF Shielded Door

RF shielding door with high quality beryllium copper fingerstock gasket, achieve high shielding effectiveness 10MHz~153MHz more than 100dB.

RF Absorber

RF absorbing materials for anechoic chamber, such as high performance pyramidal absorber, flat absorber, wedge absorber, truncated pyramidal absorber, hybrid absorber, high power absorber, walkway absorber, mmwave absorber,...etc.


EMCPIONEER provides EMC CCTV system, which is suitable for monitoring anechoic chamber and shielding room, no EMC noise interference, good immunity.


Knitted Wire Mesh Gasket

Knitted wire mesh gasket are used to install the modular pan type shielded enclosure, provide a cost-effective solution in magnetic and electric field.


EMC/EMI Filter

High performance power line filter and signal filter for RF shielding room and anechoic chamber, current can up to 2000A.

Ferrite Tile

Offer ferrite tile absorber with high reflectivity -10.5dB~-40.1dB in low frequency range of 30MHz to 1GHz for EMC chamber, can be combined with hybrid foam absorber.

Free installation fittings is available.

Waveguide Tube

EMCPIONEER offers waveguide pipe penetration to pass a variety of liquids, gases, compressed air, fiber optics into or out of shielded enclosure while maintaining the shielding effectiveness.

Conductive Foam Gasket

EMCPIONEER supplys conductive fabric over foam gasket for MRI shielded door, with various shape and size to meet your demand, with low compression force and high shielding attenuation.

Honeycomb Vent

EMCPIONEER manufacture honeycomb filter of different materials for RF chamber, to permit maximum airflow without degrading the shielded performance of enclosure.

LED Light

EMCPIONEER supplies low radiated emissions LED Lighting filter for anechoic chamber, with 50W, 70W, 150W, 200W.




RF Fingergasket

EMCPIONEER provides beryllium copper finger gasket for RF shielding door, with maximum spring properties and various mounting options.


EMI Shielding Tape

EMCPIONEER offers the copper foil tape, aluminum foil tape and conductive fabric tape for EMI/RFI shielding field.
The shielding tapes's width and thickness both could be customized.


EMCPIONEER is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers focus on EMC/EMI market in China.



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