LED light used for anechoic chamber
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LED light used for anechoic chamber

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LED light used for anechoic chamber

    In order to facilitate the personnel to have a clear vision when working inside the anechoic chamber, a reasonable number of LED lights will be set up as auxiliary lighting according to the size of the chamber when construction. If the LED lights are used directly, the electromagnetic interference generated during operation will affect the test results. By connecting filter can help reduce electromagnetic interference when the LED light works.

    For most of the LED lights on the market, customers need to connect a separate line for each light, switch, etc. during installation. The more the number of LED lights, the more lines, the more interference to the test. In addition, the farther the LED light is from the power supply, the longer the line is required, and the greater the interference to the test. Therefore, reducing the number and length of lines produces less interference and is more beneficial for testing.

    To solve the above problems, EMCPIONEER has designed a kind of LED lighting (50W, 100W, 150W, 200W), which does not require a separate circuit for each light, reducing the number and length of lines from the origin. The electromagnetic interference of the LED light is minimized, and the accuracy of the anechoic chamber test is guaranteed to the greatest extent possible.


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