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RF shielded room

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RF shielded room

Why need a shield room?

Computers, communications machines and electronic equipment will produce electromagnetic waves of a certain intensity during normal operation. These electromagnetic waves may interfere with other equipment or be received by special equipment to steal their work content. At the same time, these electronic devices also need to ensure their normal operation in an electromagnetic environment with less than a certain intensity.

The shielded room uses shielding principle to make a room from metal materials. Due to the absorption loss, interface reflection loss and intra-plate reflection loss of the metal plate on the incident electromagnetic wave, the energy of the electromagnetic wave is greatly weakened, making the shielded room produce a shielding effect.

Since there are people and equipment working in the shielded room, the shielded room needs to have a shield door for people and equipment to enter and exit, good ventilation, indoor power supply, and necessary interior decoration to ensure that the shielded room can normal work.

Factors affecting shielding performance

The shielding performance of the shielded room is considered based on the shielding effectiveness. The factors that affect the shielding effectiveness of the shielded room including:

Shielding enclosure

Gap treatment of shielding materials

RF door

Honeycomb vent

EMI filter



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