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EMC Chamber

· EMC Chamber: 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m
· Compact Chamber 
· Free Space Chamber
· MIL-STD Chamber

Semi Anechoic Chamber has five anechoic surfaces and one ground surface.These EMC anechoic chambers are used for EMC testing for commercial, medical, avionics and education fields, Electronics, Automotive and R&D applications.

Our EMC Test Chamber used for testing of radiated emissions(RE) and radiated immunity(RI). Compliance the wide variety of EMC standards such as CISPR, IEC/EN, MIL-STD 461 and RTCA DO-160.

The typical EMC Chamber include 3M Semi-EMC Chamber, 5M Semi-EMC Chamber, 10M Semi-EMC Chamber.

EMCPIONEER EMC Chambers are designed with a modular construction system for simple disassembly and transport. The five sides of the EMC chamber are covered with ferrite, can be used with hybrid absorbing materials. Our EMC testing chambers are available in any size and can be custom designed with various materials and colors according customers requirement.

Our chambers are also equipped with LED lights designed specifically for the chamber. It can ensure indoor lighting without affecting the performance of the chamber.

anechoic emc chamber
3m emc chamber
EMC chamber
EMC test chamber
10m emc chamber
EMC testing chamber
EMC test chamber


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