Microwave Chamber
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Microwave Chamber

· Antenna chamber
· OTA chamber
· RFID chamber
· RCS chamber

Antenna Test Chamber use metal walls to protect our equipment from extraneous radio signals. To reduce unnecessary reflections, RF absorbers are used on the walls, ceiling, and floor to protect the test environment from external and wall reflections. Pyramid RF absorber is the most commonly used absorbing material, and different heights are available according to customer requirements.

Microwave chamber are used in various industries like telecommunications and aerospace to test wireless communication products and electronic products such as antennas and radars.

We have anechoic chambers for near field, far field, compact range or wireless antenna chambers.

Over-the-air testing (OTA): Testing of wireless communication devices such as smart phone or tablets, based on the standards applied by the industry association CTIA.

RFID chips: Testing of the antenna properties of RFID chips.

Radar cross-section (RCS): Testing of the radar cross-section.

Radome: Testing of electromagnetic permeability for domed structures protecting antenna

antenna chamber 2
Anechoic Chamber 16
Antenna Anechoic chamber

antenna Chamber 3
microwave chamber 3
OTA chamber


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