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Microwave Chamber

· Antenna chamber
· OTA chamber
· RFID chamber
· RCS chamber

Antenna chambers are lined with RF absorbing materials to provide good reflectivity to maintain higher shielding performance.

We design, manufacture and install various fully-anechoic chambers to meet your exact requirement.


EMCPIONEER possess rich experience in the following application fields and others.

Antenna measurement chambers: Tests of non-mounted antennae for near field, far-field applications or as compact range solutions.

Over-the-air testing (OTA): Testing of wireless communication devices such as smart phone or tablets, based on the standards applied by the industry association CTIA.

RFID chips: Testing of the antenna properties of RFID chips.

Radar cross-section (RCS): Testing of the radar cross-section.

Radome: Testing of electromagnetic permeability for domed structures protecting antenna

antenna chamber 2
Anechoic Chamber 16
Antenna Anechoic chamber

antenna Chamber 3
microwave chamber 3
OTA chamber